Dreamers | Analysis | 10 i karakter

In 2016, when Donald Trump ran for office, a lot of illegal immigrants got scared because of Trump promising, as part of his campaign, to put down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

This only got more frightening for the illegal immigrants when eh succeed in winning the presidential election and leaks shew the president would deliver upon shutting the program down.

The topic of the article is of what the so called dreamers are going to do now that the president would try to have DACA, the thing that gave them a chance as undocumented immigrants, shut down.

In the article Jose Antonio ask questions like, whether they will keep their jobs, be able to continue studying and who they can trust

now that the program the trusted were being taken down by a president, just as fast as it were made by another president.

The article is very biased towards the side of the undocumented immigrants, due to Jose Antonio being one himself, and he therefore wants the best for himself

the people he loves who stands in a similar situation and the people that are going through the same struggles as him in not being able to come back to the US if they leave or being unable to obtain a drivers license.

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