Dreamers put their trust in DACA, What Now | Analysis

According to the Center of Migration Studies, “The total US undocumented population was 10.6 million in 2018” (Robert Warren).

This means that 10.6 million individuals with families, friends, and jobs live in constant fear of their lives being suppressed by the American government.

With the new government act of the eradication of DACA, many undocumented immigrants are left in doubt of what the world has in store for them.

This leads us to the inevitable question: is the eradication of the DACA organization justified? Who is to determine; that these individuals deserve a shot at the American dream?

However, in retrospect, the lack of professional ethos aids Jose in conveying his message as a victim to build pathos.

Jose's storytelling style of writing is used in an attempt to win over the reader by playing on one's emotions which is not commonly seen in news reports and articles due to the lack of credibility as previously stated.

Throughout the article, Jose discusses several different encounters he has had in his life in which the boulder of being an undocumented immigrant gets in the way;

He additionally victimizes individuals and uses dialog and distress to discuss the issue at hand. In the very opening of the article, Jose cleverly uses the dialog of two individuals standing in line for DACA membership.

Jose quotes, “‘I don’t know if we should trust the government,’ one of the women said. ‘I don’t know, either,’ the other replied.

‘But I really want to work and help my mom pay rent.’”(l.5-6). Jose then follows this dialog with a punchline, “It wasn’t your choice to come to America.

But once you realize you’re here illegally, it becomes your choice to figure out who gets to know that.”(l.7-8). Jose starts by building pathos and creating a sensation of sorrow for the two individuals.

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