Dreamers Put Their Trust in DACA | Opgave

We are all born the same, but what separates us? Is it the color of our skin? Is it our culture? Or is it our parents, that came into a foreign country undocumented?

The text ”‘Dreamers‘ Put Their Trust in DACA. What Now?” is an opinion article written by Jose Antonio Vargas. The main topic of the article is whether or not illegal immigrants can trust the government and their surroundings..

The language Jose Vargas uses throughout the article is very simple and easy to understand. The readers do not need any form of education to understand the text, which makes it easier to understand and debate the topic with friends and family.

Throughout to article, Vargas primarily only wrote in 1st and 2nd person. By doing this, he included himself and described the fear he also lives with daily. The receiver of the text is the readers of The New York Times.

It is not a coincidence that the article has been published in the New York Times. Jose Vargas deliberately chose to publish the article in the New York Times, as those that read the New York Times, read it for more than news.

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