The dilemma that surfaced over 200 years ago but has never been more relevant than today, is perfectly pictured in the article “’Dreamers Put Their Trust in DACA.”. In the article we see the view of Jose Antonio Vargas.

He sheds light on the complication by recollecting a conversation he overheard with two native immigrants of which he stood behind in a line to a Ferris Wheel.

The complication in question shows how tough it can be to be a descendant of an illegal immigrant.

This works well from the very beginning of the article, where Vargas argues that illegal immigrants questions the authorities through the story with two women being skeptical of DACA.

This motive is also shown where he brings own experiences up of the limitations that come with being a nondocumented citizen of the United States.

Although the recurring motive builds the structure for the article, there are also certain points in the article where open argumentation is used, or rather, direct argumentation.