“Dreamers’ Put Their Trust in DACA. What Now?” Was written by Jose Antonio Vargas and was published by The New York Times on September 9th

2017 the Article touches on the subject of DACA, what it means and what can happen for DACA recipients under the President Trump administration.

DACA is a special government program that got started by Obama when he was in office, the purpose of DACA is to protect kids under the age of 16 living illegally in the United States giving them work permits and resident permits.

The article is Published by The New York Times which is a big international newspaper which is read from people all around the world. It’s often read by people of a liberal orientation also called democrats in the US.

This is vital for Vargas’ article because the message is to have some form of sympathy for the kids protected under DACA maybe going to be deported and that sympathy aren't you going to find in many republicans because they got the opposite opinion on immigrants so to sell the message the reader has to be in the right mindset.

Vargas also uses a picture of people protesting to defend immigrants, also to hit the nail on the head and say specifically who the article is aimed at.