We are all born the same kind. We have the same organs and we are born as neutral human beings. But was is it that really define us? Is it our parents, the community and surroundings, where we grow up or is it the fighters’ spirit that move us in a certain direction? The article ”‘Dreamers’ Put Their Trust in DACA. What Now?” is based on the question “What now?”.

The article was published in The New York Times, September 9, 2017, by the immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas, who tells his story about being in what he calls home, but without any legal breeding ground and a fear of being deported1. Jose Vargas is a journalist, filmmaker and the founder of the organization ‘Define American’.

Through this article, he states his opinion about the American immigration system. Jose Vargas uses a narrative way of writing. He has a message and through the article he wants to enlighten the audience about his knowledge and past.

Jose Vargas immigrated to America and he wants to enlighten the reader about how, he and others feel like prisoners in their own surroundings3.

Jose Vargas has a message that illuminates the immigration question in the U.S and how the presidential change has made it much more difficult to stay in America. The main subject that is enlightened in the article is the program named DACA, which the title of the article also indicates. DACA stands for ‘Deferred Action for childhoods Arrivals’.

DACA is a program that gives temporary protection to undocumented migrants, who arrived in the US as children.

This program was established, when Barack Obama was president and it is therefore at stake know, because Donald Trump has the presidential post4.

Furthermore, is it important to look at the receiver. The article was posted in the New York Times, a wide public paper that reaches a huge part of the U.S and also overseas.

He has an important message and therefore he chooses a huge platform, New York Times, so his message reaches as many social groups as possible, but also the politicians.

The main argument is, that it gets harder for immigrants to stay in the U.S. Jose Vargas is an adult and he is nervous on behalf of himself and other people in this position. I have used Toulmin’s model of argumentation, to get a better view of the argumentative features.

“We can’t know what President Trump and Congress will do. But we do know who to trust now — the people we had to trust before”8. His claims come on the behalf of himself.

He sticks to his own argument and supports it with the current circumstances in the U.S. Therefore, is there a connection between claim and data, because it is proven, that Donald Trump and his administration have a plan to scrap the DACA program in the U.S.9, which means that Jose has clear data that supports his claims.