Immigrants, identity, and citizenship is an ongoing problem that affects American society roughly during the changes in America.

Today the difference between the rights the American aborigines have versus the rights undocumented people have is huge. The article ‘Dreamers’ Put Their Trust in DACA. What Now?

is based on this question. This article was in September 2017 published in The New York Times by Jose Antonio Vargas, who is one of the many undocumented people in America.

Jose Antonio Vargas is a journalist, a filmmaker, and an immigration rights activist. Beyond that, he is the founder of the organization Define America who has goals about building an America that belongs to any person who calls the country home.

Furthermore, he does not only speak for himself but for every immigrant in America who might feel exactly like Jose. “This is not a time for us to get fooled. This memo is telling us pack our bags.”

Referred to above, “us” is used to talk directly to the dreamers who put their trust in DACA. The direction is also a strategy that gives good chances at convincing the readers and dreamers.

Another example of Jose Antonio’s way of being directly and serious is seen on page 2, line 36 “Can we trust President Trump, whose conflicting messages illustrate his ignorance of how DACA works?”

This is a rhetorical question that also seems to be appealing to logos. The reader already knows the answer. But the question still invites the individual reader’s reflection and involvement.

Here Jose also speaks for every immigrant in America. In other words, he tells the immigrants to stick together in changing America. In many ways, this makes him seem corporative and credible as a writer.

Not only does the article reveal an emotional level towards the readers. It also pushes arguments across to the reader on what the U.S government’s betrayal must feel like and how we need to stop the changes in America.

Jose Antonio’s argumentation is really interesting because of his use of argumentative features.

Even though he uses a narrative argument type, he also manages to include facts and statistics throughout the article.