The text ‘Dreamers’ Put Their Trust in DACA. What Now? Is an article from the New York times from September the 9, 2017. The article is written by a former illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas.

The topic of the article is ‘’immigration’’ and shines a light on how illegal immigrants and even children live in constant fear of deportation and how hard it is to trust anyone.

Obama started the DACA which is a program that allows immigrants below the age of 31 to get a valid driver’s license work permit. ‘’an estimated 800,000 undocumented 30 Americans across the country have received this deferred action.’’ (P 2, L 29)

Which was a major victory for all American immigrants.
As soon as Donald Trump became president, he tried to dismantle the program and immigrants yet again had to fear losing jobs and everything they had in America.

‘’The scariest stranger of all is the United States government. It could deport you from the place you call home. That’s a fear I live with.’’ (P 2, L 18)

Jose Antonio Vargas intention with the article is there for to spread awareness around the population of what immigrant children must live with even though their home is America.