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The text ‘Dreamers’ Put Their Trust in DACA. What Now? Is an article from the New York times from September the 9, 2017. The article is written by a former illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas.

The topic of the article is ‘’immigration’’ and shines a light on how illegal immigrants and even children live in constant fear of deportation and how hard it is to trust anyone.

Jose Antonio Vargas tells us his story and how Obama’s DACA helped a lot of immigrants but also how it all turned when Donald Trump became the new President.

The stand-out mode of appeal in the text is quite clearly pathos, an early example is when he hears two women talking “But I really want to work and help my mom pay rent.” (P 1, L 6)

Jose Antonio Vargas tries to win us over by writing about how hard the life of an immigrant child is. The whole article consists of stories from his childhood where he feared telling people he was an undocumented child.

‘’Can you tell your classmates that you can’t join the overseas choir trip because you don’t have a 10 valid passport? Can you tell your coach that you must stay in the area and can’t be recruited by an out-of-state college?’’ (P 1, L 10).

More statistics and an interview with an expert would have helped him become more convincing, instead of the reader hearing how hard it is for immigrants repeatedly although it does touch the reader in some sort of way.

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