My Dystopia – Dreamers | Engelsk aflevering

The world is a big prison. Freedom is what we all ache for. It’s what we all dream of when we lie down on our beds after a long day of hard labour to finally get a good five hours sleep.

Our beds are still covered in dust from the dust clouds that hang over us as a reminder that the nuclear war started the downfall of humanity. Days and months are not a thing anymore.

We have nothing to look forward to. The government meant that work is the only thing humans are meant to do in life. So they renamed the days to labour day one, labour day two, and so on ending with labour day seven. And then it resets.

Every day just becomes a labour day when you have no special name days or months. I've tried to keep remembering the days and counting what day it is. It’s Friday, day 5102 since I started counting.

Dreamers started very small. We didn’t achieve much at first. Our goal is that we one day will be the reason why our world gets democracy back again. We’ve planned several demonstrations but we were too few with the guts to go through with it. But I think the demonstration planned for labour day sixth might happen.

The demonstration is to take place at Freedom Street close to my apartment. I’ve planned the demonstration from my room on the 10th floor. It's hard to plan anything that doesn't include work when there are cameras watching and microphones listening at any time.

Even when you take a dump. But I make it work. At 9 PM every 3rd labour day the cameras stop working for five minutes because of wires being fixed in my apartment.

I work at a weapon factory in central Copenhagen. I can see the factory from my apartment. It fits well in with the rest of the town. Grey and only a few windows.

The factory is just bigger. And a darker grey... The factory does not have a name, but it has a slogan, ‘’Mighty Workers, Mighty Weapons, Mighty Conditions.'’

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