The Right Time to Fly | Essay

The short story; “The Right Time to Fly” by Shirley Golden (2013) is about overcoming and accept-ing the past so that you can see life from a fresh perspective and maybe start over. The number of people who dies in accidents is very high. Many people therefore have experienced the pain and sor-row of suddenly losing a family member.

It can be very hard to see the good in life and move on after an experience like that, especially if you blame yourself for what happened. One of the hardest things about losing someone is accepting what happened. This theme is very clear in the short story; “The Right Time to Fly”.

Throughout the story the writer uses many different kinds of birds. The birds and wings could be a reference to the title, as they symbolize flying, freedom and new beginnings. One thing that birds are good at is letting go and flying. Marcus has not accepted what happened to his son, he has simply given up on living.

Everyone who has dealt with the loss of a close relative knows how hard it is to move on. Because when is the right time to move on? Marcus does not feel like he has the right to move on, since he blames himself for the death of his son. But as he gets to know Suzy he starts to see his situation from a different perspective.

In the message that Suzy leaves for him; “Not too old to start over” (line: 162) there lies a reference to Marcus having to redefine and see himself as someone other than a man who lost his family or a landfill worker, in the same way as he eventually saw the radio as a bird ready to fly. Marcus is ready to fly.

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