Where the Gods Fly

Moving from your home country to a country where you don’t even speak the language is tough. You have to learn about the different culture, you need to find a job to survive and a lot of other things as well. People move for a lot of different reasons.

It could be because of war, money, work or just for a better life. Moving from your home country to another country isn’t just hard for adults, but also for kids.

If a child’s parents make the decision to move to another country, the child won’t have a say in it. Therefore, when a 5-year-old child moves to a new country, they get confused. They have to live in a country where they also must learn a new language, get new friends and blend into the environment.

Jean Kwok wrote a short story, called “Where the Gods Fly” in 2012. The short story is about a family from China, that moves to America with their child. The child’s name is Pearl.

The parents are working very hard at a factory, so they can survive. With that being said, they don’t have time to pick Pearl up from school. Pearl walks home from school everyday and waits for her parents at home.

One day Pearl gets a scholarship from ballet school. Pearl enjoys dancing ballet, and her mom likes the idea of Pearl not being at home, and instead of waiting, having classes to attend. Later, her mom doesn’t like the idea of her daughter attending a ballet school because she doesn’t think that it is for people like them.

The mother wants her daughter to attend a local school, perhaps she could study accounting or dentistry.

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