Moving to a new country can be very challenging and overwhelming because you have to be a part of a new culture. A culture that you may not know anything about, and a culture that you may not be able to see yourself in. Although it can be difficult to fit into a new culture, you just have to try.

Changing yourself can be difficult when you do not have your family and friends nearby. Even if you feel alone, it can be difficult to create relationships in a new country, when you cannot even speak the language.

And what do you do, when your child begins to change and adapt to the culture? This is some of the conflicts that the short story “Where the Gods fly” narrates. “Where the Gods fly” is written by the Chinese American writer Jean Kwok in 2012.

“Where the Gods fly” is about a Chinese family that comes from China to the US. The story is set in America, where the family lives in Chinatown in Brooklyn, New York. The short story has an interesting structure because it begins with a forewarning “I can already hear the protest from Pearl’s ballet teachers” (l. 3) that refers to the end.

The short story is built up after the mother’s flashbacks about life. Throughout the whole story, she sits and prays in a Buddhist temple, while she thinks back. Every time she hears the monks in the temple, she thinks back and reflects on her life.

The short story starts in media res with a flash-forward, which catches the reader from the beginning. It creates tension from the start and makes you want to read further.