Saree of the gods | Analyse

1 Characterization of Prapulla.
2 How does going to New York challenge the culture of Prapulla and Shekar?
3 What does the saree represent?
4 Comment on Prapulla’s dream at the end of the story.

Prapulla is an Indian woman who is married to an Indian man named Shekar. They together have a daughter named Ratri.

Prapulla is represented as a proper Hindu wife, shy, courteous, religious, and traditional. Prapulla had always prized her sarees, especially the wedding saree she wore occasionally. “…

Especially, the occasions she wore her wedding saree with its blue handspun silk and its silver borders of gods”. The family left India and immigrated to New York.

Prapulla was troubled with the idea of moving to New York. She’s an educated and practical woman that knew about western society and culture.

So, she had a negative conception of American women and viewed them as the exact opposite of Indian women.

Back in India Prapulla always distanced herself from foreigners. “The few occasions they had entertained foreigners at the firm, she would seek the nearest as a refuge”.

She feared going against the Hindu religion and becoming “Americanized”. Prapulla was also unsettled with managing her household without a maid and her mother-in-law.

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