‘Where the Gods Fly’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

Moving to a new country with a different culture can be challenging, especially if it differs significantly from your own.

Finding your place in unfamiliar surroundings is something that takes time and effort. Bringing your child with you to a new country where she has to grow up in a way that is unlike your own childhood

means you have to be willing to watch her change. It is not easy for a mother to see her daughter grow up in a world where she feels foreign to the culture.

The first sentence grabs the reader's attention because it introduces us to a conflict, we are not yet aware of.

The reader wants to know who the narrator is and who the gods are referring to. The story unfolds through the narrator's inner monologue while praying.

Then comes the backstory where we are introduced to her daughter Pearl, whose characterization is built through the mother’s memories and thoughts about her.

The narrator remembers various incidents in relation to her daughter taking ballet classes. This helps the reader understand why she was praying in the temple at the beginning of the story.

The story follows a circular structure plot and therefore ends by returning to the present moment: “The monks are ringing the gong.

As I gather my things to go, I pause for a moment by the window where the setting sun dances upon the glass.” (l.154-155) The same phrase appears at the beginning of the story.

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