‘Let’s go to the videotape’ | Analytical essay

Death is something that will inevitably cross your way. Unsettling, but a mere reality. Some people address the pain of a loved one passing, and others don’t.

The short story “let’s go to the videotape” by Fiona Mazel, depicts a shattered family of two. Nick and his son Gus have experienced a tragic car accident, that killed Nick’s wife, and Gus’s mother. The absence of a mother, and a wife, make life both harder and sadder.

We are introduced to Nick. A loving father, who does everything in his power to make his 5-year-old son happy. But doing it alone can be difficult.

The loneliness of not having anyone to share the precious and important moments of Gus’s life can be suffocating and makes you feel alone, with no one to confide in.

But when the texts from strangers appeared on Facebook, he started responding with the story of his wife, and her passing. After that, he got added to a lot of groups about widowhood and being a single parent.

That probably helped him open up about his feelings and shed light on Gus and his feelings. Social media was an essential role to heal the wound, and have a more sincere relationship with his son, where they openly can express their feelings.

The style of writing in lines 102-113 also plays a prominent role in showing Gus’s emotions and the way he recalls the incident.

He is aware of what has happened, but Nick and Gus’s lack of communication really plays a prominent role, in how Gus recalls the incident, and generally how he sees life, and the world.

Here, a complex sentence structure is present, which features longer and grammatically correct sentences than the rest of the novel:

"Nick (...) had thought it wonderful that his son showed an interest in something age-appropriate because such things were telltale of a boy whose psyche was generally untrammeled by the grief galloping through their lives."

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