‘Let’s Go to the Videotape’ by Fiona Maazel | Analysis

There are a great deal of feelings associated with losing a nearby family member or enduring a tragedy. Individuals manage misfortunes and feelings in an unexpected way.

Some people manage these various sorts of injury, by removing themselves from others, or by accusing themselves.

It can likewise prompt dismissing and ignoring the necessities of a kid since managing their misfortune can be so troublesome and take up the entirety of their psychological energy.

Nick has additionally been making some unpleasant memories since the time his better half kicked the bucket.

This is demonstrated on different occasions in the short story, for example “Because the hardest part of being a single parent wasn’t the logistics or even the exhaustion, but just the

solitude of having no one to share his son’s life with.” (p. 2 l. 53-55). Nick wants to share his child's achievements just as large and diverting minutes in his existence with companions and online media.

He has been battling to adapt to his distress and has avoided joining any care groups with respect to sharing despondency, which for some is the most ideal method of adapting.

He removes himself and doesn't have any desire to confront his misery. Nick feels like the just a single he could impart this to be his better half “After she was gone, he found himself unwilling to entrust his hurt to anyone but her.”

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