Communication and compression are very important, when it comes to a relations, but how does it affect a person when there a lack of communication or compression in a relationship?

How does a parent’s decisions about not talking about a specific topic affect a child? I’ve read the short story “Let’s go to the videotape” which is written by Fiona Maazel, show greatly how lack of communication and a tragedy affects a relationship.

Social media is a place where Nick can communicate his feelings and thoughts about the accident. What is actually interesting about the part, that he is trying to be optimistic and avoiding the accident has mainly affected the relationship between Nick and Gus.

The tragedy has also resulted into Nick having hard times with relating to his son, because the son does not have any faith in the world anymore, which is obvious when it comes to the conservation about his mom, where he says “Now she’s dead and I’m not” (p.2 l-116).

It is obvious that he has not talked about the accident with his dad, it is also obvious that he is affected by it and are now depressed.

The story takes another turn, when it comes to the school project, where Gus talks openly about his feelings, which is very abnormal due to fact that he cannot talk about his feelings with his father, because he shuts it down immedalty.