Let’s Go to the Videotape | Analyse | Fiona Maazel

How is it to pretend to be glad in front of a child when you really are traumatized? In the short story “Let’s go to the videotape”

written by Fiona Maazel we see a clear sight of how positive love can turn into something negative, when you suddenly lose someone. This is the case between the main characters Nick and Gus.

The title is ''Let's Go to the Videotape'' and is used as Nick and Gus uses videotapes and social media to talk about their problems.

According to Nick's loneliness he started to make videotapes of his son’s moments and shared them online for people who was interesting in seeing them and thereby it was easier for Nick to get in contact with people again, ''After she was gone

he found himself unwilling to entrust his hurt to anyone but her. But now he was replying to these inquiries with the story of her death, and within a few minutes, he’d been added or invited to multiple groups having to do with widowhood and single parenting'' (l.66).

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