Loss is something everyone will experience throughout their life and with loss comes grief. Grief is a private and personal emotion which causes people to deal and react differently, and the question is whether there is a right or wrong way to deal with grief?

In the short story ”Let’s Go to the Videotape” by Fiona Maaze, we meet Nick Slocome and his 5 year old son Gus Slocome, who lost their wife/mom in a car accident. Throughout the story we learn how they both handle their grief and how this affects their relationship.

The story begins in medias res, as we are thrown directly into the story. It starts in a TV studio where the TV program America’s Funniest Home Videos is filmed (l.11). The story takes place over several days and throughout the story there are flashbacks which gives the reader some backstory to how the mother/wife died.

These flashbacks and background stories helps the reader understand the father and Gus’ current situation. The flashback where Nick took the biking video of Gus was used to describe and to give the reader an idea of the relationship between father and son.

However, the story is told by a limited third-person narrator with the father’s perspective, while Gus’ feelings are mainly shown through his actions:”...By the time Gus woke up, Nick had shucked many parts of his inner life and plated them with words he’s never spoken... Gus shuffled into the kitchen in his pajamas.” (ll.75-76)

This shows that the reader only has access to the father’s point of view. At the same time, it is possible for the reader to identify with Nick, while still sympathizing with both Nick and Gus, which creates an understanding of how their relationship is and how they both deal with their grief.