Let’s Go to the Videotape | Analytical Essay | Fiona Maazel

The short story “Let’s Go to the Videotape” by Fiona Maazel tells the story of Nick who uploads a video of his son Gus on social media .

Nick participates in a funny video contest with a video of Gus riding a bike for the first time. Since his wife’s death, Nick feels that he has no one to share his memories of Gus with

so to fill the gap left by his wife’s death he, at first, sends the video to his friends, who find it hilarious, and he then uploads it to social media where it gets many views.

Gus is not pleased with his video being shared, but Nick overlooks the negative impact the video has on his son.

Nicks 5-year-old son is the second major character in the story. The loss of his mother has left him with a speech impediment and survivors’ guilt

“I don’t remember much except I wasn’t feeling well so Mom had to sit in the back with me and now she’s dead and I’m not.” (p.3 ll.116-117)

Both of their struggles never get any easier since Gus and his father never talked about the death of their loved one.

In Fiona Maazel's story, the father-son relationship between Nick and Gus is interesting. The death of Nick’s wife has affected the relationship between Nick and Gus greatly.

Gus has been visibly traumatised by the event and it makes Nick feel distant from his son and in his own words “hard to parent” (p.1 l.5).

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