“The myth of a pure society” | Analytical essay | Diane Abbott

Britain is the land of tradition. It has always been a very royal country with a significantly racist history. In the past, most of the black people, who were seen in Britain, were servants. However, over time, a large number of changes have taken place, including a more multi-racial society.

In the essay “The myth of a pure society” by Diane Abbott, we learn that it is still hard for some people, that a black person in the United Kingdom can be a British MP.

In the text “The myth of a pure society”, the British MP Diane Abbott, who also has an African descent, talks about the fact that a lot of people are surprised when she tells them she is a British MP.

Arguing for the choking about continuous micro-racism, we get to hear about the history about when Britain became a racially diverse nation, and about how it was possible to ignore the racial diversity that always existed in the British Isles.

In addition to skin color, we hear about how British schoolchildren learn about the abolition of slavery and hear less about the key role that slavery played in the British economy in the eighteenth century.

This is an important fact for her to note because it states that the history of slavery in the UK has resulted in great amount of different ethnicities, especially people of African descent.

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