The consumer society need change | Essay

In the modern society we live in today, there is a lot of TV-commercials or other kinds of medias, who equals a good life with showing off a lot of expensive things.

But according to research that is not how it is. Actually, it is the opposite. It is a dangerous development, which is not, as the media might show, providing us with happiness or anything else related to living a good life.

This was criticized a lot, because people didn’t think that there were enough consequences for the young boy’s action and that it at the same time show a double standard between rich and poor.

Also, people who are trapped in the materialism are also rated not to think much about, how their choices affects the planet and the environment. They aren’t thinking about re-using their things, because they always want what’s new.

From this it is clear to see that it is the expensive things and not the least the media and all of the commercials, which are in control of the consumers and not the other way around.

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