‘When we grow older we change’ | Essay | 10 i karakter

”When we grow older we change”, you´re probably thinking, ”what do you mean exactly?”, i mean, we’re all humans, we are made out of flesh and blood, and yet, we’re still a lot different.

All older people have been a child before, you cannot come around it, and we have all had and still have that ”childish-side” inside of us

where we do fun things, like ringing on other peoples doorbells, and then run away, while the people inside of the house are standing and yelling ”STOP OR I WILL CALL YOUR PARENTS”

and then gets angry, forgetting that it have been themself ringing on doorbells and running away when they were younger

and of course, sometimes we often do stupid things as well as a child, and then afterwards the worst thing that can happen, getting scolded out by our parents

but why do we have that childish-side inside of us? Because we are young! We don´t know better, we have nothing to lose, because what is the worst thing that can happen?

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