Changing consumer behavior | Essay | 10 i karakter

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes in people’s everyday life, which is forcing society to find new solutions to the problems the coronavirus has brought along.

In terms of how we behave as customers, the numerous changes have clear implications, and the main question is when these developments are setting themselves up as totally different patterns of consumption.

Due to lockdowns and restrictions, it has made it very difficult for consumers to buy the products as they previously have causing consumer confidence to fall [1].

These changes have pressured companies to find solutions to tackle them and will determine whether the companies are able to survive the pandemic.

In America there has been two different reactions to COVID-19. A small number who are getting health conscious and reacquainting themselves with real food, and a larger group that is going with comfort food that is cheap and shelf-stable [6].

This is due to restaurants shutting down, and people therefore seek alternative ways to reach convenience.

With the rising number of consumers turning to cheep comfort food, it may cause serious health issues, that will have a negative outcome in the long run.

Furthermore, there has been a tremendous slowdown of new product introductions in stores since sampling stations for new flavors of different products are vanned due to restrictions [7].

As many food manufactures are pushing off the launch of their new products, their may be greater competition when sampling stations can return, as many retailers may do it at the same time.

The pandemic will not only leave short term consequences but also long term. The Corona virus will leave strong traces in our economy, but it will also change the way we behave in the long run as customers.

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