1. Analyze the Westport’s Police Departments buying behavior, when buying the Tesla police car. (max 3 pages).

2. Watch the video and discuss the following statements below. No more about 1 page for all of them (about 2.400 keystrokes).
- A – “Ben Truong’s buying behavior is primarily characterized by social needs.”
- B – “When Ben Truong is buying a Tesla Model 3, it is equivalent to complex buying behavior.”
- C – “Regarding other factors, economic situation, roles and status, and self-perception seems to be factors with an impact on his buying behavior.”

Westport’s Police Department is a government unit. They are, therefore, buying on the B2B (business-to-business) market.

Business buyers have a rational buying behavior and usually face more complex buying decisions than consumer buyers.

Business purchases often involve large sums of money, complex technical and economic considerations, and interactions among people at many levels of the buyer’s organization.

As Westport’s Police Department is buying a Tesla electric car for the first time, it is a “new task” situation.

There are usually greater costs and risks in such cases, meaning more participants from the buying center and a greater effort to collect information. In a new task, you have to go through all steps in the buying decision-making process.

It can be argued that Tesla is system selling (or solution selling) as they provide many of the features Westport’s Police Department would otherwise have to buy from other suppliers.

The text states that every Tesla comes with many features installed in the car – like its front, side, and rear-view cameras – that a police department would typically need to install at extra cost.