The Article, Walking While Black, by Ishmael Sistrunk was written in 2014 in the 13th of august. It deals with the issue the creator has been through with the police, especially while driving.

He also talks about the behavior of the black community. Furthermore, the essay will also draw parallels and analyze the poem Harlem, made by Langston Hughes and walking while black.

He sounds quite confident but at the same time he doesn’t. “The fact that someone took the time to spray paint “snitches get stitches” on the Ferguson QuikTrip highlights the fact that we can’t expect the police to protect us when we’re not willing to participate in that protection.” (l. 60).

As we all know by now, the police and the black people have a bad relationship with each other.

So why would the black change their neighborhood for the police who has done nothing for them, but ruin their lives?

Exactly they don’t have any reasons to, which makes Ishmael Sistrunk lose some of his hope.

The poet Harlem, made by Langston Hughes has a meaning for this as well. Harlem talks short about what happens if a dream is deferred. “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?