On August 13, 2014 published the newspaper the St. Louis the article “Walking while black: Michael Brown, black men and white police officers” . The writer of the article is Ishmael Sistrunk.

He is a young black man and a columnist for the newspaper the St. Louis American, who in this article addresses some of the everyday issues of being prejudged by white police officers. The newspaper is an African-American newspaper, which continuously have been published articles since 1928.

The author starts the article out by writing “I understand” , and he uses that fraise two times more throughout the article. Every time he ends a discussion or changes subject, he adds a small section that says, “I understand”. The reason for that is that he doesn’t really have I choice but to say that. As he is a young black man, he, as he says himself is seen as a threat. He whites this article knowing that the white population arguments against his statements by showing numbers of black criminals in proposition to white.

In the ending he talk about the black reputation, and how young black people with a voice exhibitor themselves and the black population. He mentions that the majority of young black rappers, only rap about how tough it was living in the hood, and that they have killed people they become who they are.

This is part of the part where he suggests what the young black people could change to impact the view on themselves. He suggests that it is important how they exhibit themselves and that they must clean up the image. they must for example think about how they act on reality TV shows, and in general on social media and in the public.