This is an analytical essay of the text “Walking while black: Michael Brown, black men and white police officers” published in The St. Louis American, 13th of August 2014.

The topic of the article is racial prejudice and violence. The author Ishmael Sistrunk connects the topic with the murder of Michael Brown and uses his own personal stories of being black in America to make himself a reliable source.

The most important message for the author to tell is that the black community needs to step up and find a solution.

It is also important to look at the newspaper the article is presented in to get a better picture of how credible the source is.

The St. Louis American newspaper was published in 1928 and it represents the voice of African Americans, which is the target group. We therefore only get the opinion from an African American perspective.

This makes the article more untrustworthy because we do not get to hear the opinion from other perspectives.

However, it is easier for the author to convey his message in this newspaper because the author and the newspaper got the same target group.

Ishmael uses all three forms of appeal in his article. He uses pathos to get emotions into play, and an example for that could be.

“How many black bodies must we see laying in cold blood at the hands of police before we get serious about civilian review?”. He is talking to people’s emotions by using this rhetorical question.

He wants the black community to act now and by using words like “cold” and “blood” he talks to people’s emotions.

The author does not want any black people to suffer because of the colour of their skin and he uses the forms of appeal to strengthen his message.