In this assignment I am going analyze and dive into this non-fiction article, written by the professor and political philosopher Ricky L. Jones, who is a highly educated black man.

The topic of text is about why black men like Daunte Wright, George Floyd, and many others, keeps getting killed by the police for no reason.

The text is written in the period where the drama in the US really got started after the innocent black man George Floyd was brutally choked and killed by a police officer on the street in front of many people.

Decades of crime reports in the US has shown that black people are much more susceptible for being killed by the police, which primarily also is what Ricky L. Jones want to tell the reader

but he is also trying to give the reader some thoughts on why words like gangster, thief, drug dealer, hustler, dumb and lazy comes to people’s mind when they hear the words “black man”.

And if I must be honest, it makes me as reader think a lot more about how biased lots of people in this society are when they see a black man walking past them.

Therefore, I would personally assume that Ricky L. Jones is successful in communicating his message to the readers, due to some the forms of appeal Ricky L. Jones uses in the article.