‘Of mice and men’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Have you ever wondered if the weak and vulnerable’ faith is to die? Or does society make it that way? This problem is portrayed in John Steinbeck's novella “Of mice and men” from 1937.

George and Lennie are migrant workers who flees to work on a ranch, with a dream of getting a place of their own, where they can settle down.

This analytical essay will analyze the minorities in the society back then; Crooks and Curley’s wife. Then it will analyze George and Lennie’s relationship, with focus on the theme related to the novella.

An’ he jumps. Couldn’t swim a stroke. He damn near drowned before we could get him. An’ he was so damn nice to me for pullin’ him out.” George confessed to Slim that he used Lennie for his own amusement.

He felt remorseful for what he’d done, and after this learned the moral lesson of not taking advantage of those who are weaker.

George and Lennie have a dream of getting a place on a farm, where Lennie can have rabbits and they can live in peace by themselves in safety and comfort, mostly for Lennie’s sake.

They long for a day where they can enjoy the freedom. Already from the start, Lennie is described remarkably childish, stupid and helpless, which makes the readers feel compassion and sympathy for him.

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