‘Of Mice and Men’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

The book “Of Mice and Men” was written in 1937, by the American author John Steinback. The author has based the novel on his own experiences from working alongside with migrant workers, as a teenager in the 1910’s.

The book “Of Mice and Men” takes place in Salinas Valley in California, where John was born and grew up. “Of Mice and Men” is not the only book of his that takes place in Salinas valley.

In fact, many of the storylines in his books, takes place in Salinas Valley. He often tells stories of lonely, misunderstood farmers and ranchers.

The main characters are Lennie and George. George is small and smart. On the other hand, there is Lennie, who is huge, soft and stupid.

George is the leader; he is the guy making all the decisions, while Lennie is following and trying to understand as good as possible. Lennie is a bit retarred; it comes from back in his childhood.

George has taken care of Lennie in a couple of years, they have travelled together from ranch to ranch as a team, trying to find a job.

George is always doing the talking, while Lennie is the one doing all the hard and dirty work, because of his huge size.

Lennie loves animals, especially puppies and rabbits, but he is to strong and big, so he always kills them, and that makes him sad. Despite he always kills the animals, he still wants to pet them and have them near him.

As said before, the story takes place near Salinas Valley in California USA, doing the years after the great depression.

In 1937 the US was still suffering from the great depression, which took place in 1929.2 People struggled to find a job, and therefore jobs were very valuable at the time.

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