Literature has been around for centuries, and it has nearly always been dominated by men. This is also noticeable in the fact that throughout the years, some woman has taken male alias’ to get published.

In the newer centuries, these roles have been switched. Men are beginning to use female alias’ in order to get more business.

In the article “Why Men Pretend to be Women to Sell Thrillers”, written by Sophie Gilbert and published by the American magazine ‘The Atlantic’, it discusses the arguments behind why men have been surpassed by women as writers in the thriller genre.

The article also examines the demeanours that men generally does not possess, that can be vital, when they write thrillers.

The article “Why Men Pretend to be Women to Sell Thrillers” was written with the intention to analyse and discuss the unexpected shift in the conventional gender roles, and if it implies a form of progression in the disposal of stereotypical gender roles or if it is simply men exploiting on whatever sells, just as many women have done before.

This discussion immersed, mostly, because of the climb in gender neutral pronouns.

The author of the article, Sophie Gilbert, is a self-proclaimed feminist, bestowed by her twitter account, and she speculates that this shift of the conventional gender roles could conceivably be a turning tide for gender equality.

However, Sophie Gilberts cover of the “turning tide” is primarily neutral, she shares the same P.O.V. (point of view) as the British crime writer, Martyn Waites, also known as his female alias Tania Carver.