Sex doesn’t sell anymore | Analytical essay

The modern society is becoming more and more focused on sustainability and not polluting the environment. Therefore, consumers have begun to prioritize products made by sustainable companies.

This has not gone by unnoticed by the companies, which in response have become focused on CSR to a larger extent than ever before.

This is, for instance, done by donating to an organization working with creating a better future for the generations to come.

Especially, the big brands are putting a lot of effort into their CSR strategies, and have a huge number of employees in their departments only dedicated to working with improving the company’s image.

Furthermore, her message is quite clear right from the start as the title is “Sex doesn’t sell anymore, activism does. And don’t the big brands know it”.

Alexandre Holder thinks that the consumers should be more critical towards the initiatives of the big companies as they are mostly done for the sake of increasing the companies own turnover.

She is very subjective and instead of saying, that may be the big brands know that the consumers like companies with activist initiatives, she says “don’t the big brands know it” to really show, that the companies surely are doing this for their own good.

When concluding the communication model, it is necessary to look at the receiver. The receiver of the opinion article is a quite big part of the British people, as The Guardian is one of the largest news media in the United Kingdom.

The article is, as previously mentioned, meant to make the customers of the big companies more critical when watching their advertisements and new initiatives.

Many of the readers of The Guardian are mostly likely also buying products from big companies, which is why the article has an important message for the readers.

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