Indian women | Essay | 12 i karakter

”India(s) needs(v) more angry, bold, ‘real bastard’ women.” But is(v) that(s) really the case. Should(v) women(s) just boss up and then their problems(s) will(v) be solved. Women(s) get(v) raped, sexually assaulted, abused, etc. and then they(s) are(v) supposed to feel safe in the streets.

If it(s) is(v) not some random man(s) raping(v) them on their way home from work then it(s) is(v) their father(s) forcing(v) them into a marriage, they(s) will(v) not be happy in.

It is not only strange and unfamiliar men discriminating women and their rights, it may as well be their father and family.

Most women in India do not get to choose their spouse, instead, they are either forced into marriage or their family have already arranged it. It is a very common phenomenon even though both men and women have rights against forced marriage.

It is estimated that over 51 million girls around the world under the age of 18 have been forcibly married, and that includes India and Asia as well .

The arranged and forced marriages often take place when the girls are young, and then they get married to a man who is about twice as old as themselves. It is very common that hereafter they get abused and violated by their husbands.

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