The article” Walking while black” written by Ishmael Sistrunk and was first published in the newspaper” The St. Louis American” on August 13th, 2014.

The article centres around the themes of black people’s rights and police violence, it also focuses on the prejudices that white people are violent and are making stereotypes and prejudices about black people.

This article describes the tensions between white police officers and the black part of the population, Ishmael ties this current issue with Americas rather dark history with slavery and kind of use this a his start, to describe how we think things have changed but in reality, things are still quite similar to back then.

He describes how the black community is “second-class” citizens, he gives examples of experiences in his own life, as when he got his driver’s license, he says he became a “prime target” for police officers.

The fact that even though slavery ended more than a 150 years ago, black people are still getting treated differently from people who are white is worrying, and even though America has had its first black president, nothing has changed and the debate as whether or not racism is still a thing or not is still sparking in the US.