Walking While Black

The article is a message of rally to the black community and black people in all of US. After the shooting and killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, St. Louis. Former resident Ishmael Sistrunk writes an article shedding light to the situation and the reaction of what he phrased as “our people”.

He clearly has a strong connection to the race as a whole and explains that the tension between white police officers and blacks, young black men in particular, is nothing new. In fact, it’s a tension that is only growing as killings of young black Americans are killed.

He reiterates that he understands, after mentioning the key threats and concerns of his people. For instance, “The reasons given for the bogus stops were numerous. Driving While Black (DWB) is real. For Brown, so was Walking While Black. I understand”.

His effort to convey that he understands both parties and both sides of the story, after a disheartening statement, is speaking to the empathy of the reader and at the same time building a case for the black community and white officers to understand where both parties are coming from and what needs to be done through logic.

“The inherent danger of their jobs means officers must form a tight knit bond and stick together”, he writes while trying to convey the message of possible fear and different biases the white officers encounter when confronting black people.

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