The relationship between police and black people | Argumentative essay

In the recent years we have seen just how bad the relationship, between the police and black people, really is.

We have seen riots, such as the one we are talking about today, but also many more instances.

These riots are caused by the unfairness between race in the US. It first started with slavery. This was a long time ago, and even though there is less racism today, it is still not rare to come upon racism in your normal day-to-day life.

This is just an example of just how far this all is. But this is not all to be blamed on the whites, the black community is also to be blamed for some of this. They make songs in which they refer to “the hood” and just how tough it is with black-on-black crimes in “the hood”.

Telling people how they use guns and knives to kill people in the way, or that they will beat people up if they are against them, even if none of that is true.

Of course, this offsets the police officers, thinking that all black people are out doing drugs, killing people in their way, doing whatever they might be doing.

Now the police officer has to take this into the matter of his own hands, and if he is threatened, he will have to do whatever to save his life. At least that is what he thinks, because not all black people are actually out there living the life like some of them are portraying.

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