Anxiety among young people | Essay

The topic ’anxiety among teens’ is currently much talked about. Anxiety is widespread and a major problem for a lot of teens.

Social media has a darker side to young people's anxiety than you might think. Why do young people and teens nowadays have more anxiety than in the past ?

There are many reasons why young people today suffer from anxiety. Some young people try to be the best version of themselves in all aspects.

Constant access to digital devices lets children escape unpleasant feelings such as loneliness or sadness by playing videogames and living in a virtual world.

Now we have a whole generation who have used the virtual world to avoid discomfort throughout their childhood.

Their electronics have removed their opportunities to become stronger mentally .Parents have also had a bad impact on their children’s anxiety.

Throughout the child's childhood, they have had trouble doing anything other than encouraging their children, and have not made them feel bored, sad, guilty or angry.

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