Social media and body image is taking over young people

Social media is something almost every youngster has. Some even earn money on it. It has become popular to share bikini/ underwear pictures on the platforms.

Usually, the bikini or underwear is worn by beautiful women, or even men. They have the “perfect” body, skin, hair, face. Everything on them is to DIE for. These are the body standards people think they need to live up to.

As a young girl living in this new modern world, where social media play a huge role, I am also to see some of the issues happening online.

I have not experienced cyberbullying directly, but I sure have seen how some people behave very inappropriate and rude.

Everybody has the right to post whatever they want, as long it is not offending to anyone. I personally think that if you do not have anything nice to say, you should not say it.

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