Social media and social responsibility | Engelsk Essay

Good morning. My name is Sarah Krogh, and I am a student at London School of Economics. I am very grateful to have been invited here to give my take on social media and social responsibility. First, I am going to briefly outline the social media Facebook and the app’s handling of advertisements.

Then I will move on to an analysis of what dilemmas advertisers and social media face. And finally, I will try to discuss reactions and possible solutions to the dilemmas and sum up the main points.

Today's consumers focus heavily on companies making an active choice in relation to social problems. They not only buy the brand but will instead understand the company's values and future plans based on society, social problems

and the environment . The more responsibility that the company lies on its own shoulders, the more likely it is to be recognized as a brand. This also shows how important it is that companies' marketing should take place on safe media.

While the "Stop Hate For Profit" campaign is at its highest point, Facebook is being boycotted by several advertisers after all the hate speech that takes place on the media.

This has allowed a third of advertisers to consider participating in a month-long boycott to combat online hate speech .

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