Social media and social responsibility | Speech | 12 i karakter

Hello fellow students
I thank you for this opportunity to speak here today and bring my knowledge and company to you at London School of Economics.

But at first, I would like to present myself for those of you who doesn’t know who I am. My name is Marisa Ranthe

and I am a one of your fellow students here at the Department of Media and Communications at London School of Economics and today I am going to talk about social media but mainly social responsibility.

As we all are students at the Department of Media and Communications this topic is of interest for all of us.

For us young people, social media might sound like music in all of our ears. Nowadays we use the different platforms to things like shopping to things like wasting our spare time.

But in reality, a lot of social media platforms are working on overcoming some huge obstacles at the moment, obstacles that influence you, even though you might not notice it.

I will be using the minutes I have been given to speak to you about social responsibility and account to the “Stop hate for profit” campaign.

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