In light of Brexit, it's clear that young people are going to have some challenges. And I'm going to look at the causes and challenges that this presents. In addition, I will examine what the consequences are for young people.

The young people believe, for example, that the EU is depriving them of opportunities for participation.

Optimer dit sprog - Klik her og bliv verdensmester i at skrive opgaver

The outcome of this parliamentary election was thus. Labour's recognition of this in its manifesto saw a 20% increase in its vote share in the under-40s.
Fifteen goes from 40% in the 2015 general election to 60% in last June's general election.

Another factor being established as to blame for the parliamentary outcome was Brexit and a sense that the lower turnout among young people in the 2016 referendum was a big factor in the narrow victory for Leave.

Economists are fully aware of who has suffered the most economically. It is established to be the young and the low-skilled. This is due to the crisis of 2008,when unemployment is starting to rise. It rose to 22% in the UK.