Police shootings | Bad relations between the black…

Racism and injustice for black men and women have been a worldwide problem for decades, even centuries. Since the periods with slavery, blacks have been treated poorly, all around the world, but the evolution in racism has become more positive and racism is becoming a smaller problem, except in the united states.

How can it be that everybody is becoming more educated and more openminded to minority groups, such as homosexuals, etc. but still lets down the black community over and over again?

Killings of young men, “stop and frisk” and suspicion is scenarios that happens on regular basis in the United States, and the majority of black men, have experienced injustice because of the color of their skin, several times.

How can it be that the government and police forces do nothing to prevent tragedies like these from happening over and over again?

Especially after several demonstrations and riots happening all around the world. There must be a way to solve this problem, or is it impossible to create a community, where the black citizens can trust the government, and the government trusts the black young men and women?

So, to conclude, is there any possible way to build a better relationship between the police officers and the black society? Well if both parts understood each other, it would be much easier to get justice for the black society.

When talking about this, we must realize that the relationship between the cops and blacks, isn’t just racism, but also about the bad communication between the two parts.

Of course, black people are furious and depressed to be treated bad, and unfairly, but when they act out and make war with the police, the police only experience black people as dangerous people.

So, the best way to fight for justice is definitely to make nonviolent demonstrations, because the riots only build a bigger bridge between the two parts. With that said, it is important to understand, that not all people are reachable, but most people are sensible human beings, who act wrong when they are under pressure and are afraid

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