Trump & US-China relations & departure from WHO | Opgave

Since Trump was elected president back in 2016, he has made many different relations to countries around the world.

Some he has built a relationship with and made an ally of such as Putin, the Russian president. But for others the same cannot be said. Trump has found several occasions to express his dissatisfaction of China and its leadership.

As a result of this there has been a tension between the two countries and their leaders, which could very well affect the political actions and decisions made by the political leaders.

The topic is the US-China relations and the US’s departure from the WHO.

The speech primarily deals with Trumps opinion on China and WHO, for example he lists several accusations against China and its leadership, but he mostly brings up COVID-19 and also how WHO has handled itself with China in certain situations.

The speech was written in wake of Trump uncovering as he says “plain facts” about China such as China unlawfully claiming territory in the Pacific Ocean or the malfeasance of the Chinese government regarding COVID-19.

The language used in the speech is formal but easy to comprehend. However, the language is clearly very negative towards China and WHO.

This is noticed in the way that the speaker has chosen to use negative words such as “malfeasance” when describing China and their actions. “The world is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the Chinese government.”

Here the speaker accuses China of wrongdoing, which means he thinks China handled the COVID-19 completely wrong. The speaker has also chosen to use various linguistic features.

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