Analytical essay ‘Childhood neglect and toxic family relations

Neglect is a horrifying reality that children from east to west deal with every day. It's not a new phenomenon but a cycle that has trailed human civilization since the very beginning.

The traumatic experiences of childhood neglect often manifest and deeply scar the individual.

It leaves them with feelings of impotence, guilt and an unhealthy desire to prove their worth. Unfortunately, as it is with many aspects of sociology it is hereditary.

Despite this, Jocie's relationship with her mother is the devils' nest of her anxiety and self-acceptance issues“…even thinking the word “mother” filled Jocie with dread.

It was ridiculous. She’d left home when she was seventeen, for God’s sake. Fifteen years ago.”

(L8-9). A manifestation of her mother's abuse and tyranny towards Jocie is when her mother blames her for her father leaving the family when Jocie was 12

“Her earliest memories were about being responsible…; for making Daddy leave because she was always naughty.” (L28;30).

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