A letter to my family | Essay | 10 i karakter

When first getting old, and feeling your body aging, you start to look back at your life. Did I achieve what I wanted? Did I live my life to the fullest? Or the classical one: Do I have any regrets ?

I would describe myself as a funny and lively person, with a lot of joy in life. I’m a loving husband and a proud father, grandfather and hopefully ill make it as a superb great-grandfather. My needs are fulfilled in life.

I was born colorblind and had to live with it most of my childhood. Every year I had the same wish for Christmas: Let me see colors.

It was all I ever wanted, and everything that I got disappointed over. Of course, not seeing colors was the only thing I knew about, but when people were talking about beautiful sunrises, etc.

I felt anger inside me because I didn’t know that feeling and I couldn’t see what they could. It was hard .

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