Analytical Essay

In the biography extract “Family Matters” by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian, we are introduced to Tiger Woods, his parents Kultida and Earl and his grandfather, Miles.

Tiger Woods is different from the other children. He is shy and refuses to talk with anyone. He is skilled with numbers and plays golf very well.

His parents, more specifically his father, Earl, refuses to let him participate in any after-school-activities, leaving him with no interaction with other children outside school. His family is rooted in Manhatten, Kansas.


This is a topic that is very clearly depicted in the extract of the biography “Family Matters”, in which Tiger Woods explains the shaping of him and his golfing career, and how it was impacted by his father’s shaping of him when growing up, as well as the cycle of shaping throughout generations in his family that is discussed in the above.

The text is divided into two parts, focusing on Tiger Wood’s childhood and then Tiger Wood’s father’s childhood. The story begins with Tiger’s first day in kindergarten.

This is to emphasize how Tiger is different from the other kids. “His skin was a little darker than everyone else’s.