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Following is a letter from the Eidelwise Business College in response to an enquiry from Mr Andrew Jenkins. It is without any formatting, punctuation, capital letters or paragraphs. Re-write it putting it into a letter format, properly punctuated, capitalised and paragraphed.
NB. As it is a reply to an enquiry it will be typed onto letter headed paper. It starts therefore, with the name and address of the enquirer.

28 march 2006 mr a jenkins danmarksgade 9 1234 sundby denmark dear mr jenkins diploma in business management i thank you for your enquiry of 22 march 2006 and have pleasure in providing the following in reply the course you have expressed an interest in is a one year full time course starting in september with examinations the following june for further information i have enclosed a course leaflet which explains the course content examinations and entry requirements more fully there is no closing date for applications however i must point out that the course is always heavily oversubscribed for this reason we recommend early applications i hope this answers your enquiry satisfactorily however should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me again yours sincerely cordelia rolf admissions tutor enc. course leaflet academy prospectus

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