Enoch’s Two Letter’s | Alan Sillitoe | Analysis

Enoch’s Two Letters is written by the famous British author Alan Sillitoe, who is known as one of the “angry young men”, who wrote fiction novels about the life of a working-class family after WW2.

The story is set in the late 1950s in Nottingham United Kingdom. It’s pretty clear throughout the whole story that it is not set in modern time, but it is still not too far back in history.

We see that the story is not in the 2000s because when Enoch finds out he is all alone in the house, he does not go straight up to his room to play on his Xbox like many 8-year old’s would do today.

We follow Enoch’s journey all the way to his grandmother’s house, where he is taking the bus, which was not really a normal thing to do until the 60s.

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